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Paramount Cottage Home takes eLearning very seriously and works hard to make sure
learning is always high-quality regardless of the academic setting. Because eLearning is not the
normal process for education at Paramount Schools, PSOE parents can use the information on
this page to help navigate the eLearning system. Parents are encouraged to use the links below
to gain a deeper understanding of the process.

Call Center: 317-671-1229

Paramount Cottage Home utilizes a call center during eLearning days to make sure parents
have direct access to someone who can help them quickly solve problems and answer
questions. The Paramount Cottage Home Call Center is open from 8 AM to 8 PM every
weekday during eLearning days. Call center operators are ready to assist parents and help
connect them to the appropriate professional to help as issues arise. Call centers are set up to
help in the following areas:

      Academic Support: 317-586-8119
      Technical Support: 317-643-0468
      Social Service, Counseling & Community Support: 317-617-3067
      Health Support: 317-537-7090


Each of the support areas has a direct number listed above, but they may not be available after
traditional work hours. If you cannot reach the direct line for your area of support, use the call
center number and our staff will help you connect with the appropriate person.

The number for the Paramount Cottage Home call center is 317-671-1229.

Servicios de Traducción

Paramount Escuela de Excellencia estara ofreciendo servicios a las familias que necesitan
ayuda adicional o apoyo con aprendisaje electronico. Este es el numero telefonico para servicio
en español para ayudar con cualquier pregunta que tengan?

Número de servicios de traducción: 317- 586-2527.

eLearning Parent Links

The links below provide quick information about Paramount Community Height’s eLearning
platform. Please review these links for answers to your eLearning questions.

Paramount eLearning Checklist 

Parent/Family Survey

How to use Google Classroom

Parent Social Service Resources

K-2 Online Resources 


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